Image credit:  Yeshen Venema

Image credit: Yeshen Venema

Meet the Makers

During the exhibition each maker was in residence for one day, working in the gallery and on hand to chat about any aspect of the project or their work - a perfect chance to gain insight into the careers of contemporary craft makers and to learn more about their experiences of the project.

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image credit:  Yeshen Venema

image credit: Yeshen Venema

Curator Talks

What is it like curating a contemporary craft exhibition when there aren’t any objects until 2 weeks before the show? How do you manage a project where the outcomes are unknown? What are the challenges for contemporary craft curators? What opportunities are out there for exhibiting craft?

During her talks, project coordinator and curator Melody Vaughan explored all these issues. Visitors to the gallery heard more about the development of the Makers & Tools project and her passion for supporting makers in the early stages of their careers.